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Dr Aslam Qadamov is a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCA’s MSRI (Khorog, Tajikistan). Dr Qadamov has a background in agriculture and soil sciences. He completed his PhD on wind erosion effect on cultivated land, where he used quantitative and qualitative methods, remote sensing data and GIS to assess the impact of wind erosion on soil quality and crop production in high valleys of Vakhan, Tajikistan.

Dr Qadamov contributed to several national and international projects in Tajikistan and Afghanistan and has a broad experience in water conservation, natural resource management and agriculture. Currently he is engaged in assessing the impact of the changing climate to water availability and crop production in high valleys of Pamir. Dr Qadamov has authored or co-authored 11 research papers. Dr Qadamov is also lecturing on water conservation and GIS at Khorog State University, Tajikistan.