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Dr Salim Sumar is the Director of Academic Development and the International Office at UCA. He provides overall leadership with regard to academic excellence through curriculum and course design, working with renowned international and regional academic institutions, developing partnerships as well as heading UCA’s Central Asian Faculty Development Programme (CAFDP).

Dr Sumar has worked in various senior positions in academia and international development across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Educated in the United Kingdom, he has spent well over two decades in academia in the fields of Food, Nutrition, and Public Health. Over this period, he has held various senior academic appointments including full Professor, Chair, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Research Centre, and Head of School.

He has supervised a large number of PhD and postdoctoral studies globally, presented and published extensively as well as served on editorial boards of various international academic journals. Dr Sumar has established new teaching and research institutions globally, validated courses, and conducted quality audits in teaching and research.

Dr Sumar previously worked in global emergency response with various governments, UN agencies, and AKDN-FOCUS, serving as its Global Coordinator for Research & Learning.