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Dr. Sanjar Sadyrov is a Research Fellow at the University of Central Asia’s Mountain Societies Research Institute. He holds Ph.D. in Engineering from Kyoto University (Japan). He received his Master's Degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University and BSc in Engineering Hydrogeology from the Kyrgyz State Technical Univesity.

Over the past decade, his research endeavors have been dedicated to the exploration of various aspects of the Earth, with a particular emphasis on conducting in-depth studies related to water. His current area of expertise lies in the assessment of water resources in mountainous regions, with a specific emphasis on glaciers and the potential ramifications of climate change on these vital water sources. Since 2017, he has actively participated in establishing a network for meteorological observations on glaciers in Tien-Shan Mountains and meticulously analyzing the acquired data to integrate it into glaciological and hydrological models.