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Evgenii Shibkov

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Evgenii Shibkov is a geographical information systems research associate at the Mountain Societies Research Institute, University of Central Asia. He defended his thesis in geomarketing, geodata modeling, and cartography in 2014 at Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture. Evgenii also has a bachelor degree in World Economy from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University.

Before joining UCA, in 2007-2014, Evgenii worked as an engineer at the Kyrgyz State Service of Geodesy and Cartography. Evgenii has a strong background in digital cartography, remote sensing, data visualization, spatial analysis, etc. His research interests include land, forest, and water resources management, pastures management, as well as geomarketing and open data creation and distribution. He also conducts lectures and training on geographical information systems.