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Myrzakunbek Imanaliev

Myrzakunbek Imanaliev joined UCA SPCE as a financial analyst in 2024 bringing over 27 years of experience in the banking and financial sector of Kyrgyzstan. 
Myrzakunbek graduated from Kyrgyz State University, Kyrgyz European Faculty, specializing in Finance and Credit. He began his career as an accountant and gradually advanced to chief accountant, CEO of two commercial banks, and member of the Board of Directors, among other roles. Additionally, Myrzakunbek holds relevant certificates in accounting, taxation, internal control and audit, and risk management.
In recognition of his special contributions to the development of the banking sector in Kyrgyzstan, he was awarded the honorary title "Excellent of the UBK" by the Association of Legal Entities “Union of the Banks of Kyrgyzstan” in 2012.