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Stanislav Zagorodnyev

Stanislav Zagorodnyev is a Senior Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at UCA's Undergraduate Preparatory Programme. Prior to joining UCA, he worked with students from different levels and cultural backgrounds and brings more than 15 years of teaching experience to UCA. Zagorodnyev worked as an English Instructor and Senior Lecturer at Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan and as an English teacher at Istanbul Akademi Koleji in Turkey. 

He has significant experience coordinating TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses at TOEFL Center Monitor and Administrator, and Testing Office Representative for six years at Qafqaz University. He has also been involved in research on Task-Based Language Teaching, and the use of digital tables in education.

He has published guide books and presented studies on Testing Language Proficiency. Zagorodnyev obtained a postgraduate degree in TESOL from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education from Bogazici University, Turkey.