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25 November 2020

MSRI Support for Dialogues on Water Science Technologies

25 November 2020

Dr. Ben Jarihani (UCA), delivers a presentation on the “Application of New Techniques in Hydrological Science.


Central Asia is facing severe challenges related to water quality, management and availability, that calls for joint efforts among the countries. Scientific and technological cooperation can act as a key enabler in addressing these problems by providing innovative solutions, informing policies with sound and reliable evidence, and enabling broader regional cooperation.

Representatives from UCA’s Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) delivered presentations at a workshop on “Water Quality, Water, Ecosystems and Energy” on November 11-15. It was organised by the European Union Central Asia Network for Water Science and Technology.
“UCA is a young regional university with huge capacity in conducting research in the region, covering topics such as natural resources management, food security, land degradation, mountain livelihood and social dynamics,” said Dr. Ben Jarihani, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences with UCA’s SAS, and Senior Research Scientist at MSRI.
The workshop was aimed at addressing cross-cutting issues in the region, including data accessibility, skills development, training and education, socioeconomic issues, research, as well as innovation and funding issues.