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Bell Ringing Ceremony Ushers Class of 2027

School of Arts & Sciences
8 September 2022

On 5 September 2022, the University of Central Asia (UCA)’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) celebrated the start of classes for the academic year of 2022-23 with a Bell Ringing Ceremony on the campuses of Naryn, Kyrgyzstan and Khorog, Tajikistan. Welcoming 103 students on both campuses from Central Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and an exchange student from Norway.

In his opening remarks Dr Maxim Khomyakov, Dean of SAS, spoke about the historical perspective of universities while highlighting the significant role played by UCA and its alumni and students in Central Asia. He added, “The University of Central Asia is a universal diverse community of co-learners, seeking to contribute to the development of mountain communities through the production of knowledge, whose residential life together on campus is based upon equal respect.”

Sharing aspirations for the new Class, Dr Christopher Gerry, Dean of UCA’s Graduate School of Development, said, “Your higher education at UCA will endow you with professional knowledge and skills, with mastery of analytical techniques and methods, with the capability of reflection and critical thought…And, if you seize the opportunities before you, this education will open  doors to a world of possibilities – possibilities that promise an exciting, rewarding, challenging future that will empower you as leaders to shape the world around you.”

Conveying a message on behalf of the Board of Trustees (BoT), Dr Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Chairman of UCA’s BoT welcomed all new and returning students. While sharing the vision and values of the University, he said, “We hope you will not only learn about your future professions but also graduate with the values of a good human being. We expect you to value diversity, embrace pluralism, and respect your fellow students and teachers. You should always put honesty and integrity at the forefront of all considerations.”

Also speaking on the occasion was Mr Aminjon Mirzoqandov, Head of the Education Department of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast in Tajikistan. He reminded the students that "The goal of UCA is to promote the development of social and economic aspects of Central Asia, including the mountain communities, and to empower the people of the mountain regions to protect their cultural heritage by providing an international level of education.”

During the congratulatory address by Ms Elmira Amanatovna Sadykova, Deputy Governor of Naryn Oblast, she said, “UCA is of great importance for the Naryn region. I would like to emphasize that with the opening of the School, not only an international center of education and culture has appeared in the city of Naryn, but also excellent opportunities have been created for the social, economic, strategic and infrastructural development of the Naryn region.”


Bell Ringing in Khorog. From left to right: Dean Maxim Khomyakov and Mr Aminjon Mirzoqandov along with SAS faculty.

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Bell Ringing in Naryn. L to R: Dr Chris Gerry, Ms Elmira Sadykova and Dr Soheil Ashrafi, Associate Dean SAS.