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Promoting Evidence-Based Decision Making in Naryn

Civil Society Initiative
13 December 2023

The University of Central Asia’s Civil Society Initiative (CSI), Graduate School of Development, in partnership with Naryn State University (NSU), has launched a specialised training programme to advance research skills and contribute to evidence-based decision-making. Forty faculty members from NSU and representatives of various civil society organisations participated in the inaugural training.

The seven-day training covered topics such as research design, data collection techniques, data analysis, interpretation of results, and writing research proposals. In addition to enhancing research skills, the programme also included a component on acquiring research funding, offering participants practical guidance on developing competitive research proposals.


Dr Aizharkyn Kozhobekova (centre), Director, CSI presenting the training programme’s objectives.

Aizharkyn Zhunusakunova, NSU’s Head of Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Programmes, shared her impressions from the learning programme: “We learned the importance of researching problems that have practical relevance.”

A highlight of the programme was the upcoming small research grant competition, designed to support diverse disciplinary research perspectives. The outcomes of these research projects will benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including local authorities, civil society organisations, and the local community in Naryn. This initiative will contribute to well-informed decision-making and the implementation of effective strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering community resilience in Naryn. This ongoing research is part of the newly formed Center for Collaborative Research, Naryn Urban Resilience Programme (NURP ).

It is expected that continuous research framework will be maintained through the Center for collaborative research created within the Naryn Urban Resilience Programme (NURP). Learn more about NURP here.

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