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SPCE Celebrates Inaugural Mental Math Graduation in Faizabad

School of Professional and Continuing Education
10 April 2024

UCA’s School of Professional and Continuous Education (SPCE) in Faizabad, Afghanistan, recently hosted a joyous graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of its first cohort of 31 young graduates from the Mental Maths programme.

The ceremony highlighted the outstanding achievements of 16 young females and 15 young males, aged between 9 and 13, who undertook a 10-month journey, demonstrating unwavering dedication to successfully completing the challenging programme.

Throughout the duration of the programme, these talented young learners significantly enhanced their calculation speed and accuracy, all achieved without the use of aids such as calculators or written calculations. They also reported improvements in memory, concentration, as well as strengthened problem-solving and analytical skills. Many of the graduates expressed how the programme boosted their confidence in mathematical computations, making them feel more adept at addressing math problems.

The instructor of the SPCE’s Mental Maths course, Mawjigul Sultani, reflects on the importance of the programme for young learners: “In today's fast-paced world, mental maths is not just a skill, it is a necessity. It empowers us to think quickly, make informed decisions, and problem-solve on the spot. By honing our mental calculation abilities, we enhance our logical reasoning skills and cultivate a sharper analytical mind.”

Mental Math

A young Mental Math graduate receiving his Certificate of Achievement at SPCE’s learning centre in Faizabad.