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School of Professional and Continuing Education
4 July 2024

From Mountains to Markets: Zhakypov Rysbek's Entrepreneurial Journey with UCA’s SPCE

School of Professional and Continuing Education
4 July 2024

Born in 1987 in Naryn, Rysbek's professional journey began far from the poultry business. A graduate with a background in primary school teaching and English language instruction, he later explored tourism at the Institute of Social Development and Entrepreneurship in Bishkek. However, never working in his profession, Rysbek changed one job after another. It was his experience as a migrant in Moscow that sparked the idea of contributing to Kyrgyzstan's economic landscape and Entrepreneurship Programme at UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education's Naryn Centre for Entrepreneurship (NCE) that gave him the necessary skills to realize his ideas.

Recalling his time in Moscow Rysbek shares: "Working in one of Moscow's renowned chain stores, I noticed a glaring absence of Kyrgyz products. The store, though vast, showcased goods from various countries, but Kyrgyzstan's offerings were absent. It struck me – why aren't our products here when we have good relations with Russia and are part of the Customs Union?"

Returning to his roots with a newfound passion, Rysbek considered a business that could not only sustain his family but also contribute to the local community. Focused on the accessibility and feasibility of chicken farming, he underwent training at a Kyrgyzstan-based fodder production company, mastering the intricacies of raising broiler chickens.

"The experience in Moscow was an eye-opener. It made me reflect on the untapped potential of our local products. I wanted to bring that taste of Kyrgyzstan to our people and beyond. Our farm is not just about selling chicken; it's about sharing the richness of our environment" says Rysbek.

The turning point came when Rysbek and his wife decided to further their entrepreneurial skills by enrolling in Entrepreneurship course at SPCE's center for entrepreneurship. Their dual commitment to learning and building a business laid the foundation for the Balapan Chicken Farm. At SPCE Rysbek and his wife acquired essential skills such as strategic business planning, effective marketing techniques, financial management, and the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship, empowering them to transform their poultry initiative into the successful profitable business.

Starting with 300 chickens, the venture faced initial production and sales challenges. Undeterred, Rysbek leveraged social media to reach customers, slowly expanding their base. Soon the chicken farm evolved from a poultry initiative to a comprehensive store offering chicken, quail, fish, and eggs.

Rysbek's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of his business. From the warm, dry barns ensuring optimal conditions for broiler chickens to the Sharia-compliant slaughtering process, every step reflects a dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. Moreover, Rysbek states that he is always open to share his experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and break down the barriers that might challenge their growth.

When we first started our journey, some businessmen were hesitant to share their advice or answer our questions. Now we aim to change that trend and to create a community of entrepreneurs who can support each other. Therefore, I often invite those curious about our venture to visit our farm, and following all biosecurity measurements, show them the operation” – shares Rybek.

The success of Balapan Chicken Farm goes beyond financial metrics. Rysbek shares that the global political developments greatly impact Kyrgyzstan’s market as more chicken, eggs, and other products are imported from Russia now. However, even in this increased competition, their products are highly demanded due to their better quality and taste. Therefore, Rysbek's aspirations extend to making Naryn a brand known for producing pure, eco-friendly, and high-quality products.

Looking ahead, Rysbek envisions expanding his farm to accommodate 250,000 chickens, solidifying his position as a key player in the local economy, and reaching new markets. As a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, he emphasizes the importance of education, resilience, and an open mindset. Sharing creativity, becoming part of supportive organizations, and embracing the entrepreneurial journey with a willingness to learn are the keys to success.

Jakypov Rysbek From Limonkg

Rysbek taking care of his chickens

Juma Gul (1)

Juma Gul Sarwari sharing his teaching techniques with fellow instructors