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School of Professional and Continuing Education
4 July 2024

SPCE Fosters Students' Success at Every Stage of Their Journey

School of Professional and Continuing Education
4 July 2024

Juma Gul's transformation from a young dreamer to a professional programmer and ICT instructor is truly remarkable. Born in Wark Wakhan, Afghanistan, Juma graduated from Ishkashim Boys High School. Passionate about computer science, he has been an ICT Instructor with the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) since 2013.

As Juma delved deeper into teaching ICT programmes, his interest in the subject grew. In 2013, he successfully completed the training of the International Computer Driving Licence at UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) in Khorog, Tajikistan. This training not only expanded his understanding but also enhanced his teaching skills, leading to his promotion from ICT instructor to ICT programme coordinator at AKES in Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

Juma Gul became a certified ICDL tester and, from 2014 to 2016, worked on the Multi-Input Area Development (MIAD) project with UCA and AKES. During this project, he received intensive training in concept note writing, report writing, negotiation, and change management at SPCE in Khorog.

Despite numerous professional achievements, Juma didn't pause his learning journey, and SPCE played a pivotal role in his development. He pursued an English language course at SPCE’s Ishkashim Learning Centre, which led to his promotion to BDK Regional ICT Programme Officer. In 2023, Juma completed a Python programming course at SPCE Kabul, successfully completing five projects and enhancing his programming knowledge, thereby improving his teaching proficiency.

Currently, Juma is capable of teaching programming with Python, HTML, and CSS and continues to share his knowledge with the younger generation in Afghanistan. Acknowledging SPCE as a leading service provider, Juma Gul expresses gratitude to the management and academic team for helping him gain the necessary skills to meet the demands of the contemporary job market and achieve his long-term goals. 

Juma Gul (2)

Juma Gul Sarwari

Juma Gul (1)

Juma Gul Sarwari sharing his teaching techniques with fellow instructors