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6 January 2020

Women’s Songs in the Cultural Traditions of Badakhshan

The articles deal with the cultural traditions of Badakhshani women who have created hundreds of songs drawing on their talent and inspirations. As artistic reflection of women’s lives, works, thoughts, feelings, and apprehensions, these songs are quite diverse and expressive in their meaning and performance. They are able to express the deepest human spirit, inexplicable feelings and hidden meanings of women’s lives.
Studying the songs and poetic creativity of Tajik women, one can learn much about the culture and social relations of people. As examples of folk creativity, women’s songs serve as primary sources for learning about women’s everyday life history as women can openly express the most sacred emotional sides of their soul through songs. It is noticed in genres such as lullaby songs, reflection songs, lyrical and love songs, family and life cycle ritual songs such as wedding songs and funeral laments and labor songs.

About the Author

Bahriniso Kabilova is the Doctor of Historical Sciences and the author of eight monographs, musical albums and many scholarly articles on the musical culture of Tajik people and modern Tajikistan published in the country and abroad. She works as Senior Research Fellow at A. Donish Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and the member of the Composers Union of Tajikistan.