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24 January 2024

Badakhshan Folk Wisdom

Authors: Shirinbek Davlatmamadov, Mavladod Farhadov, Khadicha Dzhalolova

Abstract: This book presents an exclusive collection of prosaic and poetic proverbs, maxims, and aphorisms commonly used in Tajik Badakhshan. The Tajik Persian language, enriched with Darwazi, Gharani, and Badakhshani dialects, alongside the region’s Pamiri languages, has been spoken for over a millennium in Darwaz, Wanj, and Ishkashim districts of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province of Tajikistan. This linguistic richness is a testament to the unique cultural heritage of the country.

The primary goal of this publication is to both promote and preserve the rich heritage, traditions, and values, especially among younger generations. In addition to showcasing folk sayings, the book includes carefully selected classical poems from the wisdom literature popular in the region.

The authors hope this book will play a crucial role in conserving the unique ethical, cultural, and historical heritage of the Tajik nation, contributing to the continuation of its rich tapestry for generations to come.