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CTLT Team Successfully Concludes Instructional Skills Workshop

Staff members of UCA's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology attended a three-day workshop offered by the Aga Khan University, Pakistan on acquiring the instructional skills.

The Workshop was designed to strengthen instructors' skills through intensive, yet practical exercises in learning-centered teaching. Through the blend of small and large group interactions, the workshop engaged participants in generating effective feedbacks, and discuss, plan and deliver "mini-lessons", developing participatory instructional techniques, listening actively, learning and teaching collaboratively.

Participants were encouraged to experiment and attempt new and innovative methods within their disciplines. They had an opportunity to learn from each other building a community of practice.

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) certificate is an internationally recognised certificate by reputable institutions worldwide.The Associate Director of CTLT at UCA, Mariia Guzikova, is a certified facilitator for ISW, and UCA will be hosting its first ISW in March 2023.