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The University of Central Asia's Aga Khan Humanities Project

Summer School: Tajik, Dari or Persian? Evolution of Iranian languages and Cultures: A Cross Cultural Approach (4-25 September, 2024)

Application Deadline: 15 June 2024

Information for Applicants
Please complete this application form online and send other required documents: CV with a photo, and a Letter of Motivation (outlining your reasons for applying to the Summer School and giving details of your interest in the topic) to:
Incomplete applications will not be considered
Scholarship applications (e.g. DAAD) must be completed in addition to this form and sent directly to the funding body
Should you have any further queries, please contact us at

Admission Requirements:
Strong English language skills
Undergraduate or Postgraduate student, or recent graduate
Minimum age: 18
Prior knowledge of Central Asian cultures and societies through studies or visits
Interest in topics relating to Persian languages and cultural heritage
Familiarity with methodologies from social sciences, anthropology, area studies and humanities
Knowledge of Tajik or another Persian language