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Faculty Development Programme

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) offers training workshops for faculty and instructors from Central Asian universities (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan) introducing curriculum materials from AKHP’s eight textbooks and interactive teaching methods to foster participatory learning. It establishes partnerships with universities to promote respect for excellence, fairness, and professionalism among teachers to strengthen students’ critical thinking, reasoning, and analytical skills.

Over a decade, approximately 70 training sessions, each lasting around a week, have engaged over 2,000 university staff. The best faculty have received additional training to become "master trainers" within their regions. Faculty successfully completing the FDP are eligible to teach AKHP courses. Upon finishing the FDP, faculty further lobby within their universities to introduce AKHP courses. The FDP has significantly paved the way for the considerable expansion of AKHP’s university partnerships.

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