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COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

CSI delivered workshops on "Women’s Voices Amid the Covid-19 Crisis" to 20-women led organizations to help them develop ideas on COVID-19 response practices. It was held as part of the COVID-19 Emergency Response project funded by the Canadian government’s Foundation for Empowerment and Health in Asia programme.

The sessions aimed to provide institutional capacity building trainings and technical support for women-led and gender equality-focused organizations, along with brief project proposals to address specific issues faced by women during the COVID crisis.

Participants were introduced to the following topics:

  • Addressing home-based and gender based violence.
  • Economic consequences during lock-down.
  • Practices and examples of various initiatives related to domestic and children violence.

Such workshops envisioned to build a dynamic community of women-led organizations from across Kyrgyzstan, to provide participants with case studies of best practices and initiatives related to COVID-19. The initiatives developed by the organizations during workshops have been supported by small grants awarded by project partner, the Aga Khan Foundation, Kyrgyzstan.

One of the project beneficiaries - Begaiym Murzalieva, implemented the project “Promotion of Family Gardening and the Principles of Agroecology” in the village of Acha-Kaindy in Naryn oblast. The project helped nine families to create family gardens, and cultivate fruit-bearing plants and vegetables. All families were further trained to produce jams and natural juices.

Participants were provided information on improving the rights of poor families in rural areas to proper nutrition and food security, and the importance of good nutrition. They also received lessons from technologists on how to make products from local raw materials, or eco-products. Under the supervision of the agronomist, families planted seedlings, and received recommendations on care and cultivation of fruit shrubs.


Naryn families receive support to cultivate currant.

Konorbos Muras

Workshop participant receives a small grant to help families learn the production of eco-products.