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COVID: Voices of Kyrgyztani People

CSI supports research to fill critical knowledge gaps published in its Discussion Papers series. In 2020, CSI launched the “COVID: Voices of Kyrgyzstani People” project that tracks the activation of self-groups, community organizations, volunteers and civil society organizations on a scale never seen before. This projects aims to not only record the pandemic's impact on the personal lives of people, but also the important role played by civil society organizations. All stories can be found on the project website.

Pain, loss of loved ones or acquaintances, worry and patience, will and hope... the list goes on. Kyrgyzstan lived through 2020, a year of relentless fight against the coronavirus, searching for solutions during this difficult crisis that came as a result of the pandemic.

Much has already been erased from memories, but no one will forget “Black July” and people's desperate attempts to save themselves from mass infection.

This resource includes the views of key decision-makers in the fight against the pandemic; true stories of all participants, including volunteers, doctors, health workers, media representatives, economists, education officials, ministers of health, deputy prime ministers, members of the Anti-COVID-19 Headquarters, city mayors, regional governors, local Kenesh and Jogorku Kenesh deputies, community leaders and experts. The resource is based on stories culled from interviews, and is open to adding new voices.

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