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Central Asian Museum Development Programme

In 2019, CHHU launched the Central Asian Museum Development Programme (CAMDP) by organizing a national seminar on cultural policy in Kyrgyzstan. Since then, it has conducted more than 10 training events throughout the country. The last seminar of CAMDP in December of 2020 was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan and brought together more than 50 museum specialists from 30 museums of the country. The workshops spurred the foundation of the Association of Museum Professionals which will be established soon.

The topics of seminars and trainings at CAMDP includes creating new decolonial narratives, local community engagement in museum activities, and working with public relations and mass media. To attract a wider range of visitors, the trainings and seminars have a more empirical focus to establish new museum products, such as exhibitions, excursions, master classes, and other activities. The educational events will also be expanded to the Gorno-Badakshan and other regions of Tajikistan led by international museum professionals and regional specialists, who have contributed to the development of museums in Central Asia.

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Altyn Kapalova, Research Fellow at CHHU, conducts a Playful Eye session with women in Osh city

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CHHU engages with the local museums in Naryn for the development and promotion goals.

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Local museum stakeholders participate in workshops and seminars organized by CHHU.

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Participants from the Central Asian Museum Development Programme seminar.

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Altyn Kapalova, Research Fellow at CHHU, presents CHHU publications to one of the museum stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan.