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GCRF Resilient Silk Route Cultural Heritage Network

The GCRF Network focuses on the role of cities and towns in relation with its people and culture, where urban centers both large and small are juncture points, incubators, and preservers, of knowledge and culture. The Network focuses on the sustainable infrastructure theme for the cities, especially conservation and cultural heritage, in comparison with the role smaller cities and towns play as constellations of knowledge and culture.

The project links local organisations and academic institutions in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to help develop more resilient local economies and sustainable societies in their mountain regions. It uses a Creative Participatory Mediation framework to explore the management of local cultural heritages, including traditional knowledge and practices, to think through approaches for hybrid assets management (both natural and cultural resources) incorporating modern and traditional practices and perspectives.

The project aims to work through the threats and opportunities created by transit corridor development in high mountain border regions of the Northern Himalayas. The GCRF Network also aims to develop a stronger South-South collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for building lasting networks for communication and future development.