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Climate Hazard Impact Monitoring and Research Activities

MSRI is currently leading the Climate Hazard Impact Monitoring and Research Activities project (CHIMRA) in Tajikistan funded by the World Food Programme (WFP). MSRI was tasked to include a new feature into the interactive platform PRISM, launched by WFP on weather and hazard monitoring. Our mission is to map snow avalanches that occurred during the last 33 years in Badakhshan region. To fulfill this objective, MSRI used a remote sensing method, internally developed, named Snow Avalanches Frequency Estimation (SAFE). From the map of avalanches, MSRI identified precisely which villages, roads, and farmlands are at risk of avalanches in this region. Moreover, MSRI developed a user guide for PRISM explaining how to upload and download data from this platform. This manual did not previously exist and should help national stakeholders to use PRISM platform properly in the future. MSRI is also delivering public trainings on SAFE technology in Tajikistan.