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Application process

If you are interested in becoming a Visitor within our programme, please submit the following materials to our Senior Academic Coordinator, Elnura Omurbekova

  • Short CV (4 pages max) listing personal details (name, nationality, residence, current affiliation), educational background and relevant past and present employment, research publications and achievements, and relevant teaching experience.
  • An accompanying statement stating the category of Visitor that you are applying for (Professor, Researcher, Doctoral Student, Student, Intern, Associated Researcher); the length and dates of your proposed visit; the location of your visit; details of how your visit will be funded; and an outline summary of the proposed activities indicating their relevance to GSD. Please also indicate any contacts you have had with existing UCA academic staff, who may be willing to support your visit.
  • A summary of any funded project that is linked to your visit.
  • Names and contact details of two referees, at least one of which should be your current employer (or a current professor/lecturer/supervisor if you are a student).

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged, and a decision then communicated to you within one month of receipt. Applications are reviewed by a committee convened by the Academic Programme lead / or the Dean. All final decisions are approved by the Dean and/or the Rector.


If visa support is required or, in the case of student visitors, mentorship is required, we will charge an administration fee of $200, payable upon arrival at UCA.


If you have any questions about the GSD Visitors Programme please write to our Senior Academic Coordinator, Elnura Omurbekova at 

We look forward to seeing you in Central Asia!