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Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Media

Are you a natural storyteller with an interest in art, culture, politics, or environment? Do you aspire to connect, through stories, your hometown and community to the world? Do you seek to make your mark in telling the stories of Central Asia to the world? Do you aspire to become a media entrepreneur and agent of change? Do you envision yourself becoming a professional in digital media and technology? Are you creative with a passion for languages? Are you interested in communication for the environment and community? If so, UCA's Communications and Media programme is for you.

UCA’s Communications and Media programme offers an integrative approach to narrative studies, multimedia, visual design, film making, digital journalism, news media, production skills, strategic communication, and media law, politics, research, management, ethics, and social responsibility. Intensive language courses ensure graduates have superior proficiency in English, Russian and local languages, and access to media labs provides the opportunity to build versatile skills transferable to different modes of media production, communication platforms, and career pathways. Exposure to and emphasise on local, regional, and international best practices are led by national and international faculty with strong academic research and professional industry backgrounds. Partnerships with Central Asian and international media outlets and businesses as well as governmental, NGO and community organisations provide enriching opportunities for internships that are integral to learning in UCA’s Communications and Media programme.

Partnership with University of Technology Sydney

Denby Community Session (2)

Denby Weller, Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, visited UCA to conduct guest lectures and trainings for Communications and Media programme students.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and the University of Central Asia (UCA), signed an agreement to strengthen the relationship between the Institutions and encourage cooperation in the field of Communications and Media.

Meet Communications & Media Faculty

Graduate Attributes

On the completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills in research design, methods, and articulation to conduct creative and scholarly research in the field of communications and media
  • Conceptualise and produce creative projects in diverse mediums with proficiency in script writing, technical skills, and use of studio and portable equipment
  • Write and edit news and feature articles in multiple languages and professionally present facts and data to a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Apply knowledge and skills in multimedia, visual communication and design for effective digital and print storytelling and entrepreneurial products
  • Analyse contemporary intercultural issues in Central Asia and the world for sensitive reportage of conflicts and peacebuilding communication and dialogue
  • Contribute to political discourse in Central Asia by providing communication entry points for citizens to influence politics for relevant and ethical policy changes
  • Design social media campaigns and manage platforms through data analytics and digital tools for enhancement of audience engagement and brand identity
  • Develop advocacy and participatory communication strategies for social change, political pluralism, and environmental ethics as well as translating science into action

Core Curriculum

  • Media Literacy
  • Writing for Media (English, Russian, National Languages)
  • Media Production (TV, Radio, Print/Digital)
  • Narrative Studies and Media
  • Digital Storytelling and Data
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Visual Communication
  • Communications in Central Asia
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Audience in Communications and Media
  • Media Research

Specialised Courses

  • Specialised Media Labs (Print/Digital, Radio, TV)
  • PR and Strategic Communication
  • Communication for Development and Social Change
  • Photography
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Environmental Communication
  • Science Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Career Pathways 

  • Journalism (Traditional and Digital)
  • Media Production (TV, Radio, Print)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Academics and Research
  • Communication Strategy and Management
  • Business and Organisational Communications
  • Creative Industries (Film, Visual Design, Photography)

Communications and Media Course Catalogues

Please find below the Fall 2022 Catalogues:

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