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SPCE Afghanistan

SPCE Afghanistan offers diverse programmes and courses like conversational English, Accounting Technology Certificate, Cashier, Business Planning, Small & Medium Business Management Using Mini Technologies, CATs, Mental Math Programme, and many other corporate courses and events.

SPCE Afghanistan has six learning centres in Kabul Darwaz, Ishkashim, Faizabad (2 centres), and Shugnan.

SPCE organizes various events throughout the year including Global Money Week, olympiads, contests, debates, English-speaking clubs, open houses, and many others. It also invites guest speakers to conduct workshops and lectures. At the end of each programme, SPCE conducts graduation ceremonies to award students with certificates.

Six Graduates

Alumni Success

Six graduates of the Entrepreneurship programme have jointly opened a Queen Shopping Centre in Faizabad, Afghanistan. Angiza Amani, one of its founders, said that she had always wanted to launch such a shop, but was not aware of what to start with, how to run and promote her business. This one-month course helped her gain the required knowledge and skills for starting her own business.


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