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The UCA Journey Continues in Japan

Munira Malakbozova, a University of Central Asia’s alumna, has started her graduate studies at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, after graduating from the School of Arts and Sciences in June with a degree in Global Economics.

Munira (1)

 “UCA taught us how to be compassionate and responsible, not only to yourself and your families, but towards your community and the world. My faculty, student life team and classmates have left a huge impact on my life, and these five years have certainly shifted my perspective of the future.”

Munira is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Public Policy, “The reason for choosing this subject is to fully equip myself with an understanding of Sustainable Development Goals to benefit Central Asian countries. This programme will allow me to gain hands-on skills in both theoretical and practical knowledge to understand real-world issues and focus on building human capacity.”

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