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Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan

13 April 2022

UCA’s Civil Society Initiative hosted a panel discussion on 25th March to discuss the results of a recently conducted study on the issue of citizenship in Kyrgyzstan. In collaboration with the Association of Smart Zharan, Soros Foundation (Kyrgyzstan) and UCA, the PIL Research Company conducted a study to assess the level of civic knowledge, socially conscious initiatives, and socio-political understanding among the population of Kyrgyzstan.

The study was conducted using the methodology of “Citizenship Test”, which has been primarily tested in several post-Sovet countries including Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The study conducted an unbiased assessment of the situation of civil society in the country.  The discussion was facilitated by Medet Tyulegenov, a Political Scientist and Civil Society Expert, and attended by representatives from the education sector. The participants worked on the development of proposals and recommendations for the implementation of approaches and tools within the educational sector to enhance civic education in Kyrgyzstan.

UCA 7009

Experts at the panel discussion on Civic Education in Kyrgyzstan.