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Professional Development Training for School Teachers in Khorog

Dr Nurlan Torokeldiev, Senior Lecturer of Science at UCA, delivered a two-part workshop dedicated to the professional development of teachers at the Aga Khan Lyceum (AKL), Khorog.

Within the framework of community outreach activities organsied by University’s faculty, staff and students, Dr Torokeldiev designed a unique workshop focusing on developing curiosity and structuring self-induced vision while learning Science. During Part One of the workshop launched in January, he delivered a seminar on the fast changing face of science in the modern world followed by establishing a Science Club in collaboration with schoolteachers, where students from AKL will be taking the lead on science related projects.


Dr Torokeldiev with AKL teachers during the Workshop.

During Part Two, Dr Torokeldiev organsied a three-week workshop starting in February on the fundamentals of data analysis using R Studio. As every science discipline contains some data, the workshop taught the importance of conducting instrumental analysis using scientific applications.