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Faculty Set to Hear Stories of Naryn River

17 January 2023

For hundreds of years, Kyrgyz men and women have created music, poetry, art, artefacts and stories to celebrate the origins, meaning, and significance of the Naryn River and its tributaries.

Continuing the practice, filmmakers and multimedia specialists from UCA – Nursultan Stanaliev and Lucy Palmer, are recording stories of men and women who have an intimate relationship with the river. The piece aims to capture the multi-dimensional narratives concerning the cultural importance of the Naryn River, and its aquifers, streams, and reservoirs, to the people who live there.

Funded by UCA, the project entitled Flowing to Infinity: Stories of the Naryn River will be featured in a soon-to-be launched digital student magazine Yellow Space. Using a creative blend of vision, sound, story, music, and art, these artistic and poetic evocations will be explored against the background of climate change and pollution.

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Lucy (2nd from left) and Nursultan (right) interviewing meteorologist, Toktobek (leftt), from Eki Naryn village.