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UCA Aids Professional Development of Kyrgyz Teachers

3 January 2023

The ability to think critically and challenge standards is a basis of innovation. Considering the gaps between knowledge delivered through educational systems and talents required at workplace, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), education plays an increasingly important role in helping students acquire needed 21st century skills. Following the footsteps of a number of countries around the world, Kyrgyzstan recently implemented a STEM-based educational system. Several professional development programmes were introduced across the country through the country’s the Ministry of Education to help teachers acquire the required pedagogical skills.

Dr. Ian Phil Canlas, Senior Lecturer of Science at UCA’s School of Arts and Sciences, has been working on a research project for the past several months collecting data to study the knowledgebase, efficacy and readiness of mathematics and science teachers for teaching STEM in Kyrgyzstan. The sample is being collected from high schools in Naryn and Osh regions. The study is aimed at providing baseline information highlighting the gaps in professional development. As part of his research project, Dr. Canlas invited teachers from across the Naryn region to UCA’s Campus on several occasions delivering STEM pedagogical trainings. The research has been funded by UCA’s Faculty Research and Scholarship Fund.


Biology teachers from high schools across the region at the Naryn Campus attending STEM pedagogical training.