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12 January 2022

Solfeggio Based on Kyrgyz Melodies and Songs (Ethnosolfeggio)

The University of Central Asia (UCA)’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit is pleased to announce the publication of the book Solfeggio Based on Kyrgyz Melodies and Songs (Ethnosolfeggio), which is an addition and alternative to music textbooks in Kyrgyzstan. The book is designed for mastering musical material, taking into account the diversity in national style and genre of music.

The objectives of the book are:

  • To enable modern young musicians of the country to study music using best examples of Kyrgyz traditional classics.
  • To make valuable archival records available for all music institutions in the Republic through musical transcripts.

The book covers musical fragments both from the archives of traditional and professional Kyrgyz oral music, and fragments from the music of Kyrgyz composers.

Within the framework of the Ethnosolfeggio project, 300 original recordings were transcribed from the audio materials of the Central State Archive of Cinematographic and Photographic Documents, the Golden Fund of Public TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation, and personal collections of musicians. The collection in book format closely resembles the archival originals, observing artistic, stylistic, and performing characteristics of each piece of music.

The publication is relevant for students at all levels in professional music institutions: senior classes of children's music and art schools, music schools and colleges, and freshman and sophomore years in universities.

UCA would like to express its gratitude to the Public Fund "Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy", and the Kyrgyz National Conservatory for actively supporting the initiative. The University also extends its special thanks to the participants of this project: Nyshanov N., Omorova A., Ishenbek u. E., and Birimkulov D. for their diligent work and providing personal notes.