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SPCE Kazakhstan

The University of Central Asia’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) in Tekeli, Kazakhstan offers diverse programmes and courses including English and Kazakh language courses, Information Technology, Career Planning training, and Mathematics. The short-term educational professional programmes are focused on acquiring new knowledge and skills in either student's relevant profession or a new field for direct entry into the labor market. 

Formerly built as a universal shop in 1973 followed by its privatisation by UCA in 2003, Tekeli town campus in Kazakhstan had to undergo major reconstruction during 2004-2006, and it officially commenced its operation in the fall of 2006.

SPCE organizes various events throughout the year including Global Money Week, olympiads, contests, debates, English-speaking clubs, open houses, and many others. It also invites guest speakers to conduct workshops and lectures. At the end of each programme, SPCE conducts graduation ceremonies to award students with certificates.

Language Courses

Study advanced English and prepare for Cambridge exams at the School for Professional and Continuing Education. Learn more.

Kazakh language course for all age groups. Learn more.

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Teacher facilitates various discussions among student groups.

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Students of different age group attend various trainings, short-courses or workshops at SPCE centres.

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Participants attend a procurement training at the learning centre in Tekeli.