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MSRI Organizes Course on Climate Change for MSDSP

UCA’s Mountain Societies and Research Institute (MSRI) conducted a three-day course for approximately 10 participants from the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Climate Change and Climate Change Adaptation: Issues in Rural Kyrgyzstan.

Prof Roy Sidle, Director of MSRI, along with Dr Maksim Kulikov and Dr Erkin K. Isaev, Research Fellows at UCA, conducted sessions on a range of topics, such as causes of climate change, earth system responses, uncertainties related to climate change predictions, risks and vulnerabilities, geohazards in Kyrgyzstan, and other related topics. The course also included exercises to understand the application of academic research in MSDSP projects.

“This course was specifically designed to meet our goal of using the most updated data in the implementation of our projects. This will help our team to better understand the effects of climate change specifically in Kyrgyzstan and in the overall region, and we will be able to make informed decisions and apply the required interventions within our target communities,” said Davlatsulton Dorgabekova, Chief Executive Officer, the Aga Khan Foundation in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Prof Roy Sidle conducting a session for MSDSP staff.