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16 JUNE 2023
9:15 Khorog | 10:15 Naryn | 4:15 UTC
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UCA Class of 2023 Graduates with Lofty Dreams

Amid the majestic mountains of the Pamirs and Tien Shan, the graduation ceremonies at the two University of Central Asia (UCA) campuses in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan and Khorog, Tajikistan brought together parents, faculty and distinguished guests – both in-person and via live stream – to congratulate the students for their achievements and prospects of success, share in their moment of joy and wish them well as they set forward on new paths to realise their dreams.

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Emir Abaskanov

As the graduation approaches, my heart is filled with a sense of pride and achievement marking the culmination of all the hard work and dedication. There are mixed emotions of anticipation and apprehension as I am entering the next phase of my life. I hope this will be a journey filled with growth, new experiences and self-discovery.

Emir Abaskanov, Computer Science, Class of 2023

Anusha Ashurova 2

As the graduation comes closer, I am experiencing a blend of bittersweet feelings. On one hand, I feel relief and pride for completing a significant chapter of my life by spending countless hours on studying and submitting the dissertation. On the other hand, I feel anxiety entering the post-graduation life where the future awaits with uncertainty. I aspire to apply learned skills for improving the quality of life of my community.

Anusha Ashurova, Global Economics, Class of 2023


As graduation approaches, I have mixed feelings of excitement and nostalgia. I am proud of my achievements during my time at the University of Central Asia, and I am grateful for the acquired knowledge and skills. With this foundation, I am eager to embark on pursuing a Master's degree, hoping it will be a path of continuous growth and success.

Shahnoza Dodikhudoeva, Computer Science, Class of 2023


As I approach the pinnacle of my undergraduate journey, a tapestry of emotions weaves through me blending nostalgia with the resolute pulse of intellectual triumph. Propelled by unwavering determination and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I find myself standing on the threshold of boundless possibilities, poised to unleash the full spectrum of my cultivated expertise and abilities. With a passion to drive positive change, I embark upon a transformative odyssey, fueled by the audacity to leave an imprint on the ever-evolving fabric of societal progress, becoming a luminary of inspiration for generations to come.

Anis Chorshanbiev, Computer Science, Class of 2023

Khonum Vafodoro

As my graduation at UCA approaches, I am filled with anticipation and gratitude. Though, I will undoubtedly miss my UCA family, I am excited to take the next step. I plan to work for the next two years to gain practical experience applying the learned knowledge and skills during the undergraduate time followed by pursuing a masters degree.

Khonum Vafodorova, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Class of 2023

Anusher (1)

Gratitude fills my heart for all the invaluable experiences and abundant growth I have encountered at UCA, both academically and socially. I aspire to apply the wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences gained here for furthering my academic or professional growth fostering a positive change in this world.

Anusher Khumorikov, Global Economics, Class of 2023